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Contact US


Reporting an event:

- by phone:

Permanence H24 (notification of accidents and incidents only)
+33 1 49 92 72 72
+33 1 48 35 86 54

- or with the contact form above.

The Civil Aviation Code states that:

  • The captain of an aircraft carrying out a flight in French airspace must notify any accident or incident [...] noticed involving his or her aircraft without delay to the air traffic body with which he or she is in contact. If the captain is prevented from making this statement or if the accident or incident occurs outside French airspace to an aircraft registered in France or used by an individual or a corporate body whose residence or official headquarters is in France, the statement should be made to the BEA without delay by the aircraft operator, the president of the flying club that the aircraft belongs to or the aircraft owner [...].
    (article R722-3)
  • The officers responsible for the control or general air traffic information who notice or are informed of an accident or incident [...] inform the BEA [...]. They shall take steps to save information that might be useful for a technical investigation. (article R722-4).
  • The corporate executives providing the design, manufacture, maintenance or the monitoring of aircraft, of aircraft engines or fittings, and having their official head office or main premises in France shall inform the BEA of any accident or incident [...] that occurred to the aircraft, engines or fittings, as soon as they learn of them wherever and whatever the event. (article R722-4)