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2022: this year marks the tenth time that I have addressed the readers of the BEA’s annual activity report to outline the overall context and the work accomplished. In 2014, my first contribution mentioned that the annual number of air passengers in the world had just passed the 3 billion mark. In 2019, the year before the COVID pandemic, it exceeded 4.5 billion, and there is every reason to believe that, after the three years of difficulties linked to this pandemic, and despite the current geopolitical situation, this figure will be exceeded again in 2023.

The BEA’s activity in 2022 has already been strongly marked by this upturn in traffic: the number of investigations opened and foreign notifications is on the increase, returning to the level of the “pre-COVID” years. International activities, as part of the work of various institutions such as ICAO, the European Union and others, are resuming their operations, adopting new working methods, combining teleconference meetings and “face-to-face” meetings, in the search for a compromise between the need to reduce operating costs and the need to maintain direct relations.

As far as commercial air transport in France is concerned, the BEA’s resources were engaged in an accident linked to a hard landing, as well as in an unusual series of accidents and serious incidents linked to goarounds and runway excursions: although none of these events resulted in personal injury, the succession of several events of a similar nature deserves particular attention.

In general aviation, the trends already noted in previous years are confirmed: the activity hardly seems to have been affected by the COVID pandemic. The numbers of accidents and victims remain fairly stable overall, but the trends vary from year to year between the different types of activity: up for microlights, down for aeroplanes. The BEA published a slightly lower number of reports than the number
of investigations it opened, which logically led to a slight increase in the number of investigations in progress.

In this context, the BEA has maintained its capacity to process all the events for which it was notified, without accumulating excessive delays. But it has to be said that this balance is rather fragile. If the number of
investigations to be opened increases because of the rise in traffic, or if a major event occurs, it will then be necessary to review the organisation of the work. This could lead to adjustments in the investigation policy. As part of the preparatory work linked to the definition of its strategic plan for the next five years, the BEA has already launched discussions on this subject. We will be sure to provide regular updates on their progress in future activity reports.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all BEA staff for their engagement in our work in 2022, and tell them how proud I am to have been at the helm of the BEA for almost ten years: they themselves can be proud of the work they have accomplished.

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Rémi Jouty,
Director of BEA from 2014 to 2023

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