Incident to the Airbus A330 registered RP-C3341 and operated by Cebu Pacific Air on 04/08/2017 at Mactan [Investigation led by AIB / Philippines]

Preliminary data based on the notification from the Philippine authorities:


The aircraft was cleared by Mactan Control Tower to taxi from bay 5 for departure via taxiway Delta and hold short of RWY 22 of Mactan Cebu International Airport. Upon reaching taxiway Delta, the PIC requested Mactan Control Tower to back track RWY 22. After the aircraft was cleared to enter the runway via taxiway delta, it made a left turn and taxied for approximately 140 meters and started to initiate 180 degrees back track turn in preparation for take-off. On the process while completing the 180 degree turn, the nose landing gear fell from the cemented portion of the runway into the soft grassy part of the runway shoulder. The aircraft came to complete stop with heading of 160 degrees and its nose-wheel became lodged in the grass and mud partially buried approximately 18 inches deep and 7.5 meters from the edge of the runway.