United States - NTSB

Accident to the Airbus A320 registered N922NK operated by Spirit on 02/10/2021 at Atlantic City

Preliminary data based on the notification from the United States authorities:

Birdstrike event and subsequent engine fire. On T/O at 90kts, crew reported that they hit a falcon, causing an engine fire/flame out. Crew aborted T/O at 90 kts. After aborting T/O guests were evacuated on active runway. ARFF trucks and personnel met the A/C to assist. At this time, it is reported that a wheelchair guest injured her leg during the incident and is currently having it looked at by EMS. CA has reported that he would be OK to continue if given a new A/C, however the entire crew is a bit shaken up and FO and all 4 FAs will likely not be fit to continue.