Investigation led by CENIPA - Brazil

Accident to the Airbus AS350 registered PT-HMD on 09/06/2022 at São José de Ribamar

Preliminary data based on the notification from the Brazilian authorities:

The aircraft took off from the Bulk Carrier SM GEMINI 2 (02º24'54''S/044º16'39''W), bound for the Delta Helipad (SSIV), São José de Ribamar, MA, at around 16:55 (UTC), at in order to carry out a transfer flight, with a crew member on board. After takeoff, the aircraft presented abnormal sounds and the pilot decided to land on Bulk Carrier YM OPUS (02º23'16''S/044º13'52''W).

During landing, the aircraft overturned on the helideck, crashing into the vessel's right guardrail. The aircraft had substantial damage.