Accident to the Beech 95 registered F-BRAK on 13/12/2020 at Toussus-le-Noble

Investigation progression Closed
Progress: 100%

During the final approach at night, the pilot had difficulty intercepting the localizer and then the glide slope, due to instability of both indications on his HSI. The investigation was unable to determine the reasons for this instability. According to the pilot, it could have been caused by interference between the ILS receiver and mobile phones on board the aircraft.

At around 1,900 ft AGL, the pilot did not opt for the controller’s suggestion to go around and continued the approach, as he felt that the ILS signal indications on his instrument were usable again. The pilot then flew above the published glide path, absorbed the glide path deviation, and at about 700 ft AGL reported to the controller that he was established on the ILS.  

During the landing, the pilot selected the last flap detent position as he was flying over the runway threshold. This late change in configuration destabilised the aeroplane. Explaining that he was also hampered by the brightness of the runway lighting, the pilot made a hard landing. The aeroplane bounced twice and the nose gear folded.