Accident to the Cameron Z350 registered F-HMIG on 24/09/2018 at Estaires (Nord)

Blessure d'une passagère lors de l'atterrissage

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The pilot, who was accompanied by sixteen passengers, took off from Boeschèpe mill (Nord) at about 18:30.

After a flight time of one hour, the pilot repeated to the passengers the instructions he had already given to them on the ground regarding the position to adopt for landing. At an estimated average speed of 10 knots, the pilot flew a high approach to avoid a few surrounding obstacles. On landing, the balloon bounced back up and then the basket came back down to rest in an upright position.

While disembarking, one passenger complained of knee pain. She was transported to the regional hospital where she was diagnosed with a knee fracture requiring surgery.

The sometimes bumpy nature of balloon landings is not necessarily something that uninformed passengers are aware of. The injured passenger probably had no idea that her physical condition may not be suited to balloon flying, which is generally perceived to be a risk-free leisure activity.