Accident to the Cirrus SR20 registered F-GXYP on 31/08/2019 at Le Mans-Arnage AD

Investigation progression Closed
Progress: 100%

On returning from a local flight, the aeroplane was above the theoretical glide path with a stable airspeed close to that recommended for landing. As the aeroplane crossed the displaced threshold, the pilot altered the pitch attitude with a nose-up input to follow the PAPI information, which caused the aeroplane's speed to decrease. When the pilot applied a small amount of power, the aeroplane's attitude pitched up further and the indicated airspeed continued to decrease. The stall warning was activated. The pilot then increased power again. This second power increase was significant and reached a value close to maximum power. This sudden increase in power, combined with the low airspeed, caused the aeroplane to regain altitude and yaw to the left. The pilot lost control of the aeroplane, which collided with the ground.

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