Investigation led by AAIU - Belgium

Accident to the Dynali Chickinox identified 59CWH on 26/02/2021 on Assesse-Maillen

Preliminary data based on the notification from the Beligian authorities:

The pilot wanted to perform a local flight from his home base EBML, Maillen airfield. He prepared his aircraft and took off from runway 27 of EBML.Witnesses saw the aircraft taking off, the pilot responding to the effect of the crosswind (8kts from 330 degrees). The witnesses reported the aircraft was not climbing as usual. From a reference point, they stated it was at 1/3 of the normal height. They saw the aircraft making a turn movement to the left, then returning to the straight flight. The aircraft reached the adjacent woods and made a 90 degrees turn to the left. The witnesses then saw the aircraft initiating a second turn, but the left wing dropped and the aircraft nose went down. The aircraft crashed in the woods.