Accident to the helicopter AS350 registered PT-HZL operated by Radio Patrulhamento occured on 12/13/15 at Lages [investigation led by CENIPA, Brazil]

Données préliminaires issues de la notification des autorités du Brésil :

The aircraft took off, with four crewmembers on board, from a rural area (region of Coxillha Rica) in the municipality of Lages, State of Santa Catarina, as part of a public security local flight (police air patrol mission). After taking off and having traveled about 200 meters along the Pelotinhas River, the aircraft collided with electric wires. Noticing the collision, the crew proceeded to SBLJ, where they landed after 18 minutes. At the post-flight inspection, they verified that part of the extrados of one of the main rotor blades was missing, and there was a crack in its intrados.