Accident to the Jodel D140 registered F-BMFV on 26/02/2022 at Saint-Roch Mayères high altitude airfield

Impossibilité d'ajuster la puissance du moteur en courte finale, atterrissage dur dans la neige, en instruction

Investigation progression Closed
Progress: 100%

The pilot in instruction lined up on final for a second landing at Saint Roch Mayères mountain landing area. He joined the approach slope with an engine speed of around 1,500 rpm. On short final, he was unable to increase the engine power and the throttle control seemed to him to be at the end of its travel. The instructor took the controls and observed that the throttle control did indeed seem to be fully pushed in. He deviated to the right to avoid collision with the embankment located at the runway threshold but was unable to avoid hard contact with the snow-covered ground. The aeroplane bounced and came to a stop several tens of metres further on.

The investigation was unable to explain the cause of the restricted travel of the engine throttle control observed by the crew. It is possible that this restriction of travel was the result of the way the control was assembled on the aeroplane and its interactions with its immediate environment.