Accident to the microlight Zenair CH601 identified 62AUO on 22/06/2019 at Buzet [Investigation led by AAIU / Belgium]

Perte de contrôleau cours de l'approche finale, déclenchement du parachute de secours, collision avec le sol

Responsible entity

Belgium - AIB

Preliminary data based on the notification from the Beligian authorities:

The two pilots, co-owners of the aircraft, took the airplane for a flight from the home base, Maillen airfield, to the Buzet airfield.

The flight preparation indicated a 22-minutes flight.

The airplane came above EBBZ, integrated the pattern, as indicated on the flight preparation, turned to thebase leg slightly farther than usual for EBBZ and were aligned for landing on Runway 33 of EBBZ.

An unidentified witness saw the airplane ‘unusually low’, firing the rescue parachute and crashing on the ground.The aircraft crashed vertically.