Accident to the Piper - PA-46 - 350P registered F-GUYZ on 08/02/2019 at Courchevel (Savoie)

Investigation progression Closed
Progress: 100%

Cat. 2 investigation report: simplified-format report, adapted to the circumstances of the occurrence and the investigation stakes.

The flight was organized by a company which had a recent web platform connecting aeroplane owners, pilots and passengers. The purpose of the flight was to transport three passengers, travelling for business, departing from Toussus-Le-Noble aerodrome.
During the final to Courchevel mountain airfield, the pilot extended the flaps to the second of the three detents. The plane’s parameters were not stabilized. The speed on short final was consistent with the speed suggested by the instructor during the pilot’s skill-test flight carried out the day before. After flaring, when the plane was parallel with the runway, the pilot throttled back late. This power reduction took place halfway along the runway, at around 270 m after the runway threshold when the speed was still 80 kt.

The remaining distance was insufficient to safely stop the aeroplane. Despite the pilot’s inputs on the brakes to try to stop the aircraft, it overran the runway and collided with a wall of snow.