Accident to the Robinson R22 registered F-GFHA on 17/08/2021 at Fleurey-sur-Ouche

Perte de contrôle en lacet, collision avec le sol

Investigation progression Closed
Progress: 100%

During a local flight near a tourist site, the pilot probably lost yaw control of the helicopter which
turned to the right during a low-speed turn. He associated the yaw movement with a loss of tail
rotor effectiveness and lowered the collective pitch control. His inputs on the left and right
rudder pedals did not allow him to regain control of the helicopter. After several spins, the
aircraft collided with the vegetation and then the ground with almost zero horizontal speed.

The fact that the vegetation cushioned the helicopter’s fall, that the helicopter fell flat, and that
the pilot lowered the collective pitch control, may have mitigated the consequences of the
accident and contributed to the survival of the helicopter’s occupants.

No technical failure was identified on the helicopter.