Accident to the Sportine Aviacija LAK17 registered F-CJLL on 17/04/2021 at Oloron-Herrère

Investigation progression Closed
Progress: 100%

During the approach, the pilot received a request to make a short landing on runway 07 from an instructor of another glider who wanted to start an exercise with a student. On final, estimating that he was too high, the pilot meant to use the speed brake control to correct the approach path but operated the flap control instead. Not realising his mistake, he flew over the runway to line up on runway 25. On final to runway 25, he noticed that the glider was still too fast and had an approach path that was too steep. He flew over the runway again, trying to limit the bank angles to position himself on final to runway 07. In the final turn, the glider’s low energy meant that he was unable to avoid collision with the trees adjacent to the runway.

During his first approach, the pilot did not analyse why he could not follow the usual approach slope. He stayed confused throughout the end of the flight, not realising that he was operating the flap control instead of the speed brake control.