Accident to the Zenair CH601 registered LZ-ASN on 20/04/2019 at Orizari Village [Investigation led by AAIU / Bulgaria]

Preliminary data based on the notification from the Bulgarian authorities:

On 20.04.2019, a private ultralight airplane of ZODIAK 601 XL model, experimental version, with registration LZ-ASN, was performing a pleasure flight from non-certified airfield “Belozem” to Orizari village, both in Plovdiv Municipality. Around 10:11 AM local time, while overflying the Orizari stadium at low pass of about 10 m altitude, the left wing detach itself from the fuselage collapsing the glass cockpit roof. The aircraft rotated sharply counter clockwise and after overflying about 100 meters crashed into the trees at the right waterside of Maritsa River. .