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Serious incident to the ATR 72 registered PK-WGT operated by Wing Abadi Airlines on 03/10/2020 at Makassar AD

Dysfonctionnement de systèmes avioniques

Responsible entity

Indonesia - AIB

Preliminary data based on the notification from the Indonesian authorities:

When descending to 8,000 feet, all the Display Unit (DU) were OFF and the autopilot disengaged. The pilots looked at the overhead panel and found the DC Gen 1 was faulty. After a few seconds, everything back to normal but then the DUs were OFF but now the DU 2 and 4 were alive. The symptoms were repeated several times (about 5 times) and the IESI sometime was OFF. The pilot did not take any action because they were focusing on the flight and preparing for landing on runway 21 of Makassar wherethere was a terrain before the runway 21. After landing in Makassar, the pilots found the pressurization fault which made the pax door could not be opened. After solving the pressurization system and the passenger disembarked, the FO smelled like smoke from the avionic rack and the 2nd FA informed them there was smoke on row 3 to 6