Investigation led by Brazil - CENIPA

Serious incident to the Airbus AS350 registered PP-MRA on 13/09/2020 at Arapiraca AD

Preliminary data based on the notification from the Brazilian authorities:

The aircraft took off from the Arapiraca Aerodrome (SNAL), Arapiraca - AL, to carry out a local flight, with the purpose of conducting police patrol, with two pilots, an air operator and two policemen on board.On the return, during the taxi in the central area of the apron, there was loss of control of the aircraft, which carried out two turns of approximately 360° each, on the left, close to the isolation wall of the apron.With the help of the 2P, the aircraft control was reestablished, through the operation of the pedals and the reduction of the engine power, followed by a safe landing.