Serious incident to the Airbus A320 registered A6-ANV and operated by Air Arabia on 18/09/2018 at Sharjah [Investigation led by AIB / United Arab Emirates]

Décollage depuis une piste non assignée

Responsible entity

United Arab Emirates - CAA

Preliminary data based on the notification from the Emirati authorities:

Air Arabia flight ABY111 was cleared for takeoff at OMSJ runway 30, B14 intersection. However, crew mistakenly lined up for runway 12. After entering the runway, and realizing that the remaining distance for takeoff was short (about 1,100 meters), the commander took over controls and continued the takeoff while selecting flaps at 2nd used TOGA power. The aircraft took off at the end of runway. After takeoff, a call from ATC was received informing the crew about the wrong runway used.