Serious Incident to the Airbus A330 registered N813NW and operated by Delta Airlines on 26/10/2017 at Goose Bay [Investigation led by TSB / Canada]

Preliminary data based on notification from Canadian authorities:

N813NW, an Airbus A330-323 aircraft operated by Delta Air Lines, was conducting flight DAL70 from Atlanta, GA (KATL) to Amsterdam, Netherlands (EHAM). When about 557 nm northeast of Goose Bay, NL (CYYR), the flight crew noted number 2 engine vibration and initially elected to divert to Detroit, MI (KDTW). As the flight crew continued to monitor the engine condition a decision was made to instead divert to CYYR, and declared an emergency on the approach to runway 26. Due to an unstable approach, the crew carried out a missed approach. When power was added for the go around, loud bangs were heard and the flight crew noted that the number 2 engine (Pratt & Whitney PW4168A) had failed. The flight made a single-engine landing on CYYR runway 08 without further incident. After the aircraft shutdown, damage was noted to the number 2 engine pressure relief doors. When viewed from aft through the engine exhaust duct, turbine blade damage was evident. Foreign object to the lower flap skin and flap track fairing was also observed