Serious incident to the helicopter MBB BK117 registered N911MK operated by Mris occured on 01/25/2017 at Sioux Falls [investigation led by NTSB / USA]

Preliminary data based on the notification from the local authorities:

The helicopter departed its home base (Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center) in Sioux Falls, SD. The pilot (utilizing his NVG’s), noticed the Twist Grip light came on shortly after takeoff, to which he verified the grip position and continued on. Shortly thereafter he received a “parameter caution” on the CAD (did not recall exactly which caution), and said then he heard a noise that sounded like an engine shut-down, although all engine parameters were normal on instrument panel. The pilot elected to make a precautionary landing by turning right towards the Sioux Falls Regional Airport (FSD, approximately 4 NM from the hospital). During this turn he could see an orange glow from the right rear of the helicopter at the same time the #2 fire light illuminated. He performed the emergency procedures for an engine fire and activated the first bottle and then the second before the fire light extinguished. The pilot performed a run-on landing to Runway 3 at FSD. The helicopter landed without further incident. There were no injuries, no exceedance issues for the #1 engine. The helicopter damage was reportedly contained to rear corner of #2 engine deck.