Accident to the Brugger MB2 registered F-PAMD on 22/09/2021 at Hasselt

Perte de contrôle après un atterrissage interrompu, collision avec le sol

Responsible entity

Belgium - AIB

Preliminary data based on the notification from the Belgian authorities:

The pilot/owner reportedly took-off from Runway 09 at EBZH around 13:40-13:45 UTC for a local flight south of the airfield, direction of Hasselt city.

The aircraft was seen coming back around 14:25, re-joining the circuit in the downwind leg. The pilot called in for a full stop (as heard on the aerodrome radio frequency by another pilot). According to witnesses the approach was normal. Just before touchdown, the pilot reported ‘going around’ on the frequency. The initial climb was again not unusual according to the various witnesses, also no abnormal noises from the engine reported. Suddenly the aircraft was seen making a sharp descending turn to the left. The aircraft descended very rapidly and rather steep, and impacted the ground of a neighbouring field.