Accident to the Ekolot KR-030 Topaz identified 70HZ on 21/02/2021 at Saint-Florentin - Chéu aerodrome (Yonne)

Investigation progression Closed
Progress: 100%

Cat. 2 investigation report: simplified-format report, adapted to the circumstances of the occurrence and the investigation stakes.

The residual power of the engine, following sputtering during the initial climb to 300 ft, led the pilot to perform a circuit at low height to return to the runway to land as soon as possible. At the end of the manoeuvre, the pilot tightened his turn to align with the runway centreline. The microlight then found itself with a tailwind component while the pilot tried to level the wings. This action, combined with the effects of the wind, reduced his margin in relation to the stall. The pilot then lost control of the microlight, which collided with the ground.
A disconnection of an electronic ignition unit may have been the cause of the engine power variations.