Accident to the Pipistrel Virus SW21 registered G-OVSI on 09/05/2021 at Albert Bray

Survol à faible hauteur de la piste pour décaler le point de toucher des roues à l’atterrissage, perte de contrôle, par vent de travers

Investigation progression Closed
Progress: 100%

The pilot of G-OVSI carried out a cross-country flight from Damyns Hall aerodrome (UK) bound for Portorož airport (Slovenia). This flight was carried out with another pilot on board a second Virus SW 121. The pilots had planned to fly a first leg to Albert Bray aerodrome to complete the customs formalities.

The approach and landing were carried out in crosswind conditions compatible with the limitations of the Virus SW 121.

During the landing, the pilot of G-OVSI flew along the runway at a height of around 1.50 m with the intention of touching down further on and thus taxiing over a shorter distance.

During this flight phase along the runway, the speed of the aeroplane in the order of 43 kt was below the stall speed established as the operating limitation in the flight manual for the chosen configuration (47 kt). It was close to the stall speed estimated by the manufacturer in the flight conditions (42 kt).

The aeroplane’s roll attitude was destabilised twice probably due to variations in the crosswind. During the second destabilization which occurred when the pilot had initiated a reduction in power to land, the aeroplane bounced on the runway. The pilot then increased power. The investigation was not able to determine if this was a deliberate action and in this case, what his intentions were.

The pitch and roll evolutions which followed seem to indicate that the pilot had lost control of the flight path. It is not possible to affirm whether the pitch actions were controlled or not. The aeroplane very probably stalled at the end of this phase.