Incident to the Airbus A380 registered A6-EDQ and operated by Emirates on 09/11/2016 in Dubaï [Investigation led by AIB / United Arab Emirates]

Panne du circuit hydraulique vert, atterrissage normal avec un train sorti non verrouillé

Responsible entity

United Arab Emirates - AIB

Preliminary data based on the notification from the authorities of the United Arab Emirates :

During cruise, ECAM msg HYD G SYS TEMP followed by HYD G SYS OVHT. ECAM actions carried out which isolated the Green hydraulic system. As a result, landing gear alternate extension was performed. Crew received indication that LEFT WING LANDING GEAR not locked. All other gears showed green indication. During approach GPWS warning of the left wing landing gear not down activated. Crew performed landing as per FCOM with 1 Abnormal Wing or Body Gear. Landing was uneventful.