Serious incident to the Airbus A321 registered TF-WIN and operated by WOW Air on 01/11/2018 near Keflavik [Investigation led by ITSB / Iceland]

Alarme ECAM moteur n°2 en montée après décollage, arrêt volontaire du moteur, demi-tour et atterrissage

Responsible entity

Iceland - AIB

Preliminary data based on the notification from the Icelandic authorities:

Loss of oil pressure shortly after takeoff from BIKF. Airplane takeoff at 15:48, 18 minutes before declaring PAN-PAN-PAN and returning to BIKF due to a technical problem, APP then advises TWR that pilot has declared PAN PAN and has turned off engine nr. 2. WOW117 lands RWY19 at time 16:23. Inspection of engine 2 revealed severe oil leakage had occurred from the engine‘s oil drain plug. The oil quantity had dropped to levels requiring inflight shutdown of the engine. Investigation of engine 1 also revealed oil leakage had started from the engine‘s oil drain plug. The airplane flight was an ETOPS flight.