Aeroplane State Awareness during Go-Around

Towards the end of the 2000’s, the BEA observed that a number of public air transport accidents or serious incidents were caused by a problem relating to “aeroplane state awareness during go-around” (ASAGA). Other events revealed inadequate management by the flight crew of the relationship between pitch attitude and thrust, with go-around mode not engaged, but with the aeroplane close to the ground and with the crew attempting to climb.

Moreover, these events seemed to have some common features, such as surprise, the phenomenon of excessive preoccupation by at least one member of the crew, poor communication between crew members and difficulties in managing the automatic systems.

A study was thus initiated with a view to:

- Determining if this type of event is associated with a particular type of aircraft;

- Listing and analysing the factors common to these events;

- Suggesting strategies to prevent their recurrence.

11 vidéos in french (simulation sessions A to K / B777) are available on our YouTube channel.


Summary of the Safety Study 
Safety Study  
Appendix 1: List of ASAGA-type events from various international databases  
Appendix 2: Table describing events 
Appendix 3: Statistical analyses of simulator sessions 
Appendix 4: Selection of accounts from the survey 
Appendix 5: Example of flight dossier provided to crews 
Appendix 6: Real scenario played out on simulator 
Questionnaire on implementation of survey undertaken among flight crews