Accident de l'Airbus AS350 immatriculé PR-EAM survenu le 07/08/2018 à Flores [Enquête menée par CENIPA / Brésil]

Données préliminaires issues de la notification des autorités du Brésil :

The aircraft took off from the Flores Aerodrome, Manaus (SWFN), AM, around 2:10 pm (UTC), in order to conduct a police mission, flying in the city of Manaus, with two pilots, two air operators and two passengers on board. Shortly after leaving the ground, the aircraft started turning left. The crew could not control the aircraft and there was an unmanaged acceleration of turn and height gain. The aircraft landed roughly 10m ahead of the takeoff point. There was no touching of the rotating surfaces with the ground, but the aircraft had substantial structural damage.