Incident grave de l'Airbus A320 immatriculé HA-LWK et exploité par WIzz Air le 08/11/2017 à Tuzla [Enquête menée par AIB / Bosnie Herzégovine]

Données préliminaires issues de la notification des autorités de Bosnie-Herzégovine :

A320 aircraft operated by Wizz Air, registration marks HA-LWK, on 08 November 2017 around 22:00 local time, at Tuzla International Airport.

The incident occurred during approach phase, approximately at 4,200 ft, when an ECAM warning indicated to the crew that No.1 engine stalled. According to the preliminary information, the crew followed the procedure and shut down the engine. The flight continued with the remaining operative engine and the aircraft successfully landed, without any detrimental consequences to the passengers, crew or the aircraft.