Incident grave de l'Airbus A320 immatriculé HA-LWX exploité par Wizz Air survenu le 08/04/16 à Riga [enquête menée par TSB, Hongrie]

Panne lors de la manoeuvre du train d'atterrissage, application de la procédure de sortie du train par gravité

Autorité en charge

Hongrie - TSB

Données préliminaires issues de la notification des autorités de Hongrie :

Crew were on 6NM final when PF instructed PM to select "GEAR DOWN". Immediately after that instruction, PF asked PM to "WAIT" because he noticed that the remaining distance and the aircraft energy was sufficient to be stabilized, therefore he decided to wait with selecting gear down to avoid early drag. PM at this time moved the landing gear lever partially out of "UP" detent. Then PM informed PF that "Gear already started to select down", and left the Lever in transit, waiting for PF instruction, who ordered to select the gear down. During this time period, the lever was kept "in transit". This resulted in an ECAM Master Caution " L/G LGCIU 1+2 fault". Crew discontinued the approach, tried to recycle the landing gear lever 2-3 times but was unable to do so. Due to both LGCIU failure, the crew shall refer to QRH to apply the "L/G GRAVITY GEAR EXTENSION" procedure. The crew extended the gears by following the checklist and since LGCIU1 was still electrically supplied, the three green indications on the L/G control panel confirmed gears were down-and-locked. Crew prepared for landing which has been uneventfully performed at planned destination.