Incident grave de l'Airbus A321 immatriculé F-GTAM et exploité par Air France survenu le 24/09/2017 à Varsovie [Enquête menée par SCAAI / Pologne]

Données préliminaires issues de la notification des autorités de Pologne.

The A321 crew was cleared to line up and wait on runway 15, full length. After 30 s the crew was cleared for take off. After few seconds TWR canceled take off. Take off was aborted and aircraft landing on RWY 11 seen by the A321 crew.Then the crew was cleared for take off again from intersection D2. According to the A321 crew, no explanation was given to the crew about the reason of cancelling take off, as well as no information about the opening of runway 11/29 was given.