Incident grave de l'ATR72 immatriculé PP-PTQ et exploité par Passaredo et de l'Airbus AS350 immatriculé PR-NIA survenu le 27/05/2019 à Ribeirao Preto [Enquête menée par CENIPA / Brésil]

Données préliminaires issues de la notification des autorités du Brésil :

The aircraft, registration PP-PTQ, an ATR-72-212A, which performed the flight number 2267, from the Passaredo Airlines (PTB 2267), Calling Code Passaredo 2267, took off from Santa Genoveva (SBGO) Aerodrome, Goiânia - GO, to the Leite Lopes Aerodrome (SBRP), Ribeirão Preto - SP, at 1028 (UTC), to transport personnel, with two pilots, two flight attendants and 57 passengers on board.

The aircraft, registration PR-NIA, an AS 350 B2 (Squirrel), took off from the Leite Lopes (SBRP) Aerodrome, Ribeirão Preto - SP, runway 18, to the Sítio Santa Chiara (SIVH) helipad, Orlândia - SP, at 1139 (UTC) for a transfer flight, with a pilot on board. After taking off from runway 18 (head 183°), the PR-NIA curved approximately 175° to the left and headed towards destination, head 008°. By keeping a nearly parallel trajectory to runway 36 and being close to it, PR-NIA conflicted with PP-PTQ traffic, which performed the SBRP RNAV (GNSS) Z RWY 18 approach procedure.

After alerting via PP-PTQ’s radio and Control Tower orientation, the PR-NIA moved away from the Aerodrome. Following the traffic conflict and prior to landing on runway 18 uneventfully, the PP-PTQ informed the SBRP Control Tower that its on board TCAS equipment had presented an advisor, due to its approach to the PR-NIA.