Incident grave d'un Airbus A320 survenu le 03/01/2016 à Sofia [enquête menée par TSB / Hongrie]

Données préliminaires issues de la notification des autorités de la Hongrie :

During ILS approach configuration selected to Flaps 2 + Gear down. Pilot Flying (PF) requested FLAP 3 and FLAP FULL to be selected, However Pilot Monitoring (PM) selected FLAP 0 position. PF noticed raise of VLS (lowest selectable speed) and applied full power and initiated a missed approach maneuver. The initial energy loss of the aircraft had been adjusted, Therefore, PF selected CLIMB thrust. At this time PF noticed on PFD that aircraft speed started to reduce and aircraft lost altitude. GPWS “SINK RATE” warning sounded, therefore PF decided to apply TOGA thrust. Crew deselected FD and stabilized aircraft.

The initial information shows that due to FLAP level being selected to “0” position there was no G/A mode engagement, and the FD still shown the trajectory of the LOC/GS beam as well as the active mode was LOC/GS with APPROACH mode, which resulted in automatic thrust setting to IDLE position.